Scientific objectives

  • Understand, model and anticipate the functioning and evolution of predominantly agricultural continental surfaces at various scales such as ecosystem, landscape, or region.
  • Develop scientific bases supporting the strategic management of territories (climate change, human activities): identifying and implementing practices that mitigate global changes.

Valuation Objectives

  • Develop and test strategic tools, operational services, algorithms, new spatial missions and field instrumentation.
  • Develop partnerships with decision- and policymakers and with industrialists.
  • Strengthen the citizen’s scientific culture and information.

Expected results

  • Follow-up of climate anomalies’ changes and impact
  • Determining and validating models of surface processes: energy, water, carbon, greenhouse gases, vegetation
  • Region-scaling of flows and balances based on the integration of spatial observations in models
  • Algorithms for processing and creating spatialized products (GAI maps, land occupation…) for current and future space missions: SMOS (2009), Sentinel 1 & 2 (2016, 2017), VENµS (2017), TRISHNA, etc.

The OSR is also intended as a demonstrator, applicable to other regions, whose approach aims at showing the powerful contribution of remote sensing for the study of the functioning the surfaces of territories on broad scales.